Collapsing Star

Naked legs in the dark
rose petal bath
my delicate hand holds a wine glass
full of wishes, ifs, and maybes.
Slowly, I sip

wishing men 
who kiss me know
their every touch
replays on my skin your
rough robbery of my body.

Maybe they won’t
leave when I freeze
a winter leaf
like on that balmy
August night with you.

Wishing I’m not
numb to visitors 
while scared
of worshippers

in this temple.

Maybe soon I’ll
sleep with no
head pounding
echoes of my
tears hitting your mattress. 

I think, If your manhood
my holy city,
why am
I not a martyr?

Because only the
exquisitely strong
climb out through
the rubble of
someone else’s sin

I have taken
your ruins to
build my castle by the sea;
guarded by dragons,
you’re not welcome here with me.

And only perfectly secure
compassionate men 
admire bruises like 
the matter rising from
a collapsing star.

So I turn on the light
pouring my second glass of wine
filled with wishes, ifs, and maybes
having nothing to do with you
this time. 


About RebeccaFionna

Poetess and Dragon goddess since 1992
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