Another day
Another rich
Celebrity joking
that they
Have a
Split personality
Because they
Like to
Smoke weed
and read
I wonder
If they
Would glamorize
A split
Personality if
They met
Someone who
Actually is
Diagnosed but
Isn’t rich
And instead
Is shunned
By society
Like me
They probably
Would still
Joke anyway
I mean
Look at
Marilyn Monroe
Rumor has
It she
Had a
Split personality
But nobody
Talks about
Her suicide
Without glamour
And sex
And I
Wonder how
She would
Feel hearing
Famous people
Exploit the
Mentally ill
Just to
Appear more
Mysteriously sexy
But what’s
The use
Wondering that
She’s dead
And there’s
A chance
One day
I’ll die
The same
Way and
The famous
Will still
Joke about
Split personalities
To draw
Attention long
After I’m
Cold in
The ground.


About RebeccaFionna

Poetess and Dragon goddess since 1992
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