I would say it
Was us against the
Problem and not each
Other but the problem
Was your embarrassment being
In public with a middle-class
Girl having no connections
To help support your
Family’s “lifestyle” you once
Told me your mother
Looked for wealth in
Your partners and I
Asked: what are you
Doing with me then?
And you promised you
Would never be that
Classist rich person never
Not a chance but
Everything you promised you
Would never you did
And I knew you were
Planning on marrying a
Millionaire, I told you
This before I left
You said I was crazy
Thinking that which is
Hilarious because I wonder
If your current wealthy
Fiancé knows you were
On your knees begging
Me to stop dating
Anyone else when you
Two were “seen together”
And I would have
Tried to make amends
But your truth carved
A permanently closed gate
In the way you
Left by threatening me
If I put in a
Restraining order to feel
Safe from your manipulation
But even having the
Police know about me
Was too embarrassing for
You I guess I’m
Your Scarlett Letter that
You tried to force
Silent threatening me and
my best friend too
With lawyers, hitmen, and
Slander and this is
Who you are and
Who you became and
I’m telling the world
Exactly what happened despite
Your lawyers and managers
Your scary hit men
Because I’d rather tell
The truth and be
Murdered by you than
Die letting you take
My voice away just
Because you weren’t
Brave enough to speak.

– Just because you lived a lie doesn’t mean I have to.

Rebecca Fionna


About RebeccaFionna

Poetess and Dragon goddess since 1992
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